How many days in April again?

I think
We all think in poetry
But most people don’t notice


Poem 30: napowrimo

I thought I’d better follow at least one prompt, so here we go (from day 29, since I’m ahead of my time…)

You pig!
Go fuck a monkey
I see your little eyes and taste my spit
I hear your noise and feel the heat of it
I smell your guts and smell your eyes that spy me
I name you Tim of Timidland
Actually, that isn’t true
What do I know of you?
Who cares about the curlicue?
If a man shits in the woods,
Then he becomes a bear.
One day we might have a yak
But not in the now of here
The food of fate perhaps
A dream for waking naps
So, Bear, don’t hibernate too long
Or choke as you sing a geisha’s song
I am funny Fan-Fan, and Fan-Fan wants to say:
You will regret one day
But only if you grow
Otherwise you’ll never know
Terrifying nonsense
Your ears are too convex hex
C’est la vie
The waves would say, you’re not the one for me
I remember the chimpanzee
Endlessly vomiting, and eating it again

That was so much more fun than I thought it would be. 🙂