My wish rose golden
Earth shadow on its bright face
cloud and
before it shrunk to white
I pinned
A thousand other wishes
On its trailing tail


Nearly sunset

Traces of plants worked into my skin
Sitting in a moment
Trees flame gold and green
But the gray birch, eater of shade
Wind pricks goosebumps from my legs
Tea’s liquorice herbs scald pleasantly
White swallowtail bird flying

The bird and the window

It saw
Trees outside
Flew so fast
Into glass

Banged head
Is it dead?
Only stunned
I said

Its heart was far too big for
The walls where it was penned
It had to try to window fly
Though trying meant the end

I picked it up and held it
Warm inside my hand
Walked outside where it had tried
To go, and

Cricket song
Rustling trees
Sound of bees
Sun warm
Shadow edge
Kissed the hedge
Sunny day
Shook its wing
Looked at me
Flew away