(drinking) Song

Oh Wine,

pleasing witchery, priz’d disease
that in tyranny can bestow passion

we wake sluggish and he kindles
a bold appetite for new Spirits

in the gross sense, it aids Nature
and makes roving Desire

Youth’s Heaven !  


See below for the original, with its modifications. I cheated a little when I erased part of an ‘n’ to make an ‘r’ to make ‘for’ for my line 4 (tricky huh?)

Oh love! that stronger art than Wine,
Pleasing Delusion, Witchery divine,
Wont to be priz’d above all Wealth,
Disease that has more Joys than Health;
Though we blaspheme thee in our Pain,
And of Tyranny complain,
We are all better’d by thy Reign.
What Reason never
can bestow,
We to this useful Passion owe:
Love wake s the dull from sluggish ease,
And learns a Clown t he Art to please:
Humbles the Vain, kindles the Cold,
Makes Misers free, and Cowards bold;
And teaches airy Fops to think.  
When full brute Appetite is fed,
And choakd the Glutton lies and dead;
Thou new Spirits dost dispense,
And f ine’st the gross Delights of Sense.  
Virtue’s unconquerable Aid
That against Nature can persuade;
And makes a roving Mind retire
Within the Bounds of just Desire.
Chearer of Age, Youth’s kind Unrest,
And half the Heaven of the blest!
    Aphra Behn


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