Lady in White continued – part 2

Finding myself quite uninspired by the NaPoWriMo prompt for day 9, I have decided to write another stanza for yesterday’s poem. I just feel like this could lead to somewhere interesting. Also I had to correct the grammar slightly on line 4. The sentence didn’t quite make sense before. If it amuses you, you can play spot the difference. I believe there are three.
By the way I am totally addicted to the flow of the ottava rima.

A world where one can never live in darkness
And strangers stay connected through the night
Yet to another in the street they’re heartless
Ignoring you as men bereft of sight
A picture without clarity nor sharpness
‘Til a lady painted head to toe in white
Plays statue as a multitude walks by
But for a coin she’ll look you in the eye

‘I exist, and so do you,’ she seems to say,
‘Lets hold this wand’ring river with its flow
In our far-sight ’til banks erode away.
This secret shall be mine and yours to know:
Our gaze entwined as lovers on this day.
Accept a modest gift before you go
A humble flower pluck’d, I beg you take.
The fate of its emblem is yours to make’


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