Saturday marriage

You say you’ve tried, and I have not enough,
to listen, stifle, forgive, compromise
You cannot get your needs met – it’s too much
to expect such a man to waste away his time!

You run away and I’m the one to blame
You cannot bear I’m so disorganised
You had to change the plans you clearly laid!
and anyway, I’m the one who lobbied for this life.

It isn’t your responsibility
if I make you feel you have to run
It’s getting harder to recover each
and every time it’s stronger, faster, harder to hide from

They’re your kids but I look after them
You do your job, at home you should have peace
You took them this morning, here they are again
And can I just refrain from talking to you please?

Are we to live silent side by side?
Lock the doors to cupboards where we hide.
Can we grow up? Soothe each others’ bones?
Or are we to stay children, throwing stones.

I actually can’t stand this one. Just bad, vaguely therapeutic poetry. Part of me wants you to ignore it totally!


1 thought on “Saturday marriage

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve got a unwritten cathartic piece that is important for me to write but I would never be able to read. Maybe I’ll open my cupboard a little bit.

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